Ravager balance seems off

I see this has been posted about a few times, but I really think it needs emphasis. in the tech previews the ravager was in major need of a nerf. Pretty much whenever I picked it up it was a guaranteed kill in any 1v1 situation. Now in the beta it was so nerfed that it’s similar to the plasma pistol situation. The only scenario I’d pick it up is if I’m out of ammo in both weapons and there’s no other options. I had a challenge to get 1 kill and it took me 4 btb games of constantly seeking out the ravager. I would suggest a slight buff, as I’m convinced that a “sweet spot” can be found with this weapon. Somewhere akin to the brute shot of previous games (although I would love to see the return of the actual brute shot in addition at least down the road but that’s another topic)


I rather they change it to have alt fire.

Primary fire : Plasma Rifle.
Alt fire : charged mortar shot.

Not like you will be ADS with this kinda weapon anyway.

Pickup weapons need to be good without being overpowered. No weapon should be underpowered as it’s just a waste of space.

??? Are you serious? The Ravager already does this… I’m so confused.

Now, if both fire modes were actually useful… One can hope.

No, the current primary fire is a 3 shot burst that has arcing and SUPPOSEDLY has small splash.
All it does is make both firing modes inconsistent as heck which is why everyone agrees that the Ravager is the worst weapon in the current sandbox.

I’m suggesting that you can toggle the fire mode to either shoot out a mortar, charge to shoot out a bigger mortar, or Plasma Rifle mode, which fires projectiles that fly straight and kills shields, like other Plasma Rifles in Halo’s past.

It is definitely underpowered. It was much better in the flights, when it took 2 bursts/6 shots to kill, now it takes 9 shots to kill instead, making the TTK on it one of the worst in the game. Couple that with how quickly holding the charged shot wastes battery, and it’s just an all around poor weapon that isn’t worth dropping either of your starting weapons for.

Okay that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.

I really don’t think they should take away the projectile drop from the Ravager, although it could be toned down, A LOT. 50% less would feel good, right?

Switching the Ravager’s charge shot to an alt fire could be interesting. I also think adding some kinetic impact to its shots could make it a lot more useful even if it doesn’t eventually get a significant damage buff.

I did mention in another post that if the Charged mortar does hit someone, it should be an instant kill.
That way it is justified as an Anti-Vehicle weapon because usually the Racks that spawn the Ravager also spawns the Hydra, which is an Anti-Vehicle weapon.

Yea, it looks more powerful than it is right now.

The Time to Kill in primary fire mode feels too high for such a weapon.

And this burning area in secondary fire mode only benefits from being “nagging”, but not from being an actual thread.

Making the mortar shot a OHK on a direct hit would be a welcome change. The only use I’ve found for the charged shot is firing it through a man cannon, and switching back to your primary to clean up your kills.


This guy knows what’s up with the Ravager (add the h to https to see the video)