Scroll down, it says T-M, one of the reasons is because of partial nudity, now where is that?

Hmmm that’s one easter egg I never found!

I have never seen that.

Cortana maybe?

> Cortana maybe?

That would be my guess. Or the Covenant (if they count).

do they count?

I guess if the covenant turns you on then they count.

i think it would be cortana. i remember reading (in one of the books) that her hologram projection is supposed to be a nude woman.

Halo 2 for Vista was rated for partial nudity. It was, contrary to popular belief, due to the .-Yoink- error.


Ya. That’s right.

If you are talking about Halo 2, this video explains it: 10 Unbelievably Awkward Video Game Discoveries - YouTube

you should probably skip to 1:22 if you are only interested in that part of the video, the rest of it talks about other games.

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