Rate That Weapon #6 - Fuel Rod Gun (PC)

I don’t think this weapon (and the flamethrower) existed in the Xbox version of Halo CE, but it certainly was on the PC version in multiplayer as a usable weapon. So! Here we go.

The FRG is powerful enough to obliberate players with a single shot should it hit directly, and is outstanding at close to medium range exchanges - providing you dont accidentally commit suicide in those situations. It hasnt gained the ability to bounce its shots until later games, but can still prove useful as a heavy weapon especially if your aim is true.

The downside is that at long range it becomes less effective, and its huge size blocks off some of your view. But thats minor to certain extent.

My Rating (Multiplayer) : 8.5/10

I hate this thing. The AIs always seem to have unlimited rounds with a very rapid rate of fire.

The best!

I loved that thing to death. No ammo, so you only had to worry about it overheating and eventually running out of energy. It completely wrecks the ground vehicles, and is very dangerous if you know how to lead your targets from mid-range. I also love how it doesn’t bounce shots at all. Probably one of my most favorite weapons from Halo PC.

The FRG in H:PCE was the epitome of a n00b gun. Massive damage, huge splash-damage radius, very fast rate of fire, lots of ammo, and absolutely no skill required at all to kill at close to medium range before you could fire three rounds from the magnum. I really HATED that gun. >:(