Rate That Weapon #5 - Needler

On Normal, the Needler was a nifty weapon, occasionally useful, yes, but eclipsed by better options. BUT, on legendary, is where the Needler REALLY gets to shine. Veterans would call it the Elite Killer for it is superb at overloading their shields and killing them in a shower of needles. I love it for its ability to track and hit moving targets to a great extent, such as Grunts, Sentinels as examples, though it eats through ammo in a flash if you aren’t careful.

P.S. The Needler was outstanding in Halo 3 against Flood Combat Forms, but i forgot whether this is also the case in the first game. The Prima Official Guide lists under its section “Hope you dont have to rely on this weapon”.

My Rating : 8/10

Fifth already? I just answered the third. Anyway…

7/10 for the sound
3/10 for the raw power
2/10 for the skill required
9/10 for the look

The lowest average this far: 5,25/10

> Fifth already? I just answered the third.

Yeah, where’s number four? :wink:

Anyway, I love the needler. It’s a great weapon not only against Elites but also against the Flood. It’s a bit of a waste to use against Grunts, Jackals, and Carrier forms, but it really shines at killing Combat forms at any conceivable distance. Well, maybe except point blank because the resulting supercombine explosion is likely to kill or at least severly damage you as well.

It’s also fun that the supercombine explosion (was it called like that in H:CE already?) can set off grenades. I had killed a bunch of Flood in the Library already, all roughly at the same spot, and there were a handful of grenades on the floor. Killed another Combat form with the needler, the supercombine explosion detonated the grenades, and so I took out four more Combat forms (and a swarm of Infection forms) with only seven needles. Now that’s bang for your buck! XD

Edit: Oops, I’m blind - here’s number four. ^^

One of my favourite CE weapons. It really looked awesome in Combat Evolved. Then started to look a bit less mean in Halo 2 and 3. But it’s got it’s spikey-ness back in Halo: Reach.

I absolutely loved the brutal melee animation with the Needler in CE too.

Halo CE: 2/10, overshadowed by pretty much everything else, particularly the Plasma Rifle.
Halo 2: 5/10, Dual Wield was cool, but with Xbox Live lag it felt useless. AMAZING against Brutes though.
Halo 3: 8/10, GREAT gun, lots of power, quick and easy kill at most ranges… Maybe even TOO good.
Halo Reach: 6/10, not as powerful as it’s Halo 3 counterpart, and less versatile in terms of range. But in it’s specific range niche it devastates almost anything.

-High RoF
-Lots of Needles + Elite = Explosion + :smiley:
-Tracked enemies
-Duel wielding in Halo 2 was epicly strong and made Legendary possible to get through without dying
-Beautiful sound, especially when you time the blasting right whilst duel wielding
-Increasing the strength of the Needler so you couldn’t duel wield it in Halo 3 made the beautiful sound go bye-bye… D:


It is only useful in mid-range


I absolutely loved the needler in CE. I remember just spraying a whole mag in the air, and be met with the sound of needle explosions. While the projectiles are very slow, they will follow any enemy it finds until it’s met by a wall. Perfect for killing zealots before they can hope to slice you. Only problem is, elites tend to -Yoink- back, rendering the weapon useless at times.