Rate That Weapon #4 - Plasma Pistol

The “small arms” of the Covenant, this is mainly used by grunts and jackals in the game. Capable of semi-auto fire, and charged shots - the latter which is, without a doubt, lethal to shielded enemies. The Plasma Pistol is , well, almost useless on its own - its not very fast, and single shots at the enemy dont do much damage.

But combine it with the M6D Pistol especially, and you have a devastating combo to wield, especially against Elites. Back then, players discovered the method of unloading a charged shot to deplete the Elite shielding, before killing it with a headshot from the Pistol. This has been passed down to every subsequent FPS Halo game. Likewise, a similar effect can be achieved on Jackals.

My Rating : 3/10 (On its own)
8/10 (With M6D)

You’re crazy. The plasma pistol is the best Covy weapon in the game besides the NR.

Okay, now I’m unable to take you seriously. The Plasma Pistol shoots faster than the Plasma Rifle, it gets rid of shields, and eats up health like crazy.

Looks like I missed the third. Anyway here it goes. (This is Plasma Pistol on it’s own without another weapon

6/10 for the sound
8/10 for the raw power
9/10 for the skill required
8/10 for the look

That makes it 7,75/10

> You’re crazy. The plasma pistol is the best Covy weapon in the game besides the NR.

He’s talking about Halo CE Plasma Pistol, not Halo Reach. Halo CE Plasma Pistol is the best Covenant weapon in the game.

To be honest, I think the plasma pistol is the single most useful and powerful weapon in H:CE. I use it literally ALL THE TIME and even prefer it over the magnum. My standard arsenal during The Library was the plasma pistol and either the needler or rocket launcher. XD

  • It holds A LOT of ammo, up to 300 rounds (it uses more energy per shot the hotter it gets).

  • Extremely fast rate of fire. I frequently manage to overheat it in less than a second.

  • Does more damage per bolt than the plasma rifle.

  • Cools down way faster than the plasma rifle when, not only when overheated.

  • Way more accurate even at long range than the plasma rifle. In fact, it’s almost as accurate as the magnum even at long range.

  • Uses only around 13 charges for an overcharge shot.

  • The homing ability of the overcharged shot is useful but not overpowered (H2 anyone?), as it should be.

  • Available in vast abundance.

  • No other weapon can be found fully loaded (i.e. with 100 charges) more often than the plasma pistol.

The plasma pistol is simply a beast. It’s the best weapon you can use from easy difficulty all the way up to legendary without it ever becoming too weak.

The only gripe I have (well, not really a gripe, just something I think is odd) is that Shangheili never use the plasma pistol, yet Shangheili-based Combat forms do so very often.

Halo CE: 10/10, the most underrated weapon in the history of ever… Well, not exactly, but close. This gun was very well balanced in Multiplayer and Campaign, It could easily drain an Elite’s shields for another weapon to clean up, and even kill an enemy player effectively with semi-auto fire and plasma stun in MP. Against grunts and jackals it was just a burst of shots and they died. Even on Legendary.

Halo 2: 4/10, Drained shields like a -Yoink!-. WAY too easy, charge, release, BR. Auto-aim and tracking did the rest. On it’s own it was GARBAGE though.

Halo 3: 2/10, It was basically the same as Halo 2’s, but without the crazy tracking or BR auto-aim. And therefore simply a downgrade.

Halo Reach: 10/10, It’s a good solid gun, that works on it’s own, or with other weapons again, just like Halo CE. I feel good with this gun in-hand.

-Good sound, matching its looks
-300 shots max with 100 charge
-Charged up shot takes down shields well
-Good RoF
-Followed target slightly
-In Halo:CE and Halo 2 it couldn’t paralize a vehicle, which was important if you were up against two Wraiths and only had an M6D and Plasma Pistol
-Not the best weapon to have against hordes of Flood or Covenant because it doesn’t allow headshots

One of the best close range weapons.

> One of the best close range weapons.

Due to its surprisingly good accuracy, the plasma pistol is also great at taking out targets at long range. Well, at least as long as it’s stationary like a shade turret. Example:

During the mission Attack on the Control Room you will at some point emerge from the inside to a large canyon where Marines are fighting Covies; it’s the same canyon where Covies will be fighting Flood during Two Betrayals and where you have to get a Banshee to get to the last phase pulse generator.

Anyway, when you come out from that door, there’s a shade turret ahead and a bit to the right of you on a hill, and you can easily kill the Grunt in it by aiming slightly above the turret because the plasma pistol’s projectiles arc down a bit on long ranges.

Am I the only one who uses it to stun vehicles?

> Am I the only one who uses it to stun vehicles?

Nope, you’re not. For that reason alone the plasma pistol is the first weapon I pick up in BTB, especially on Hemorrhage and Paradiso.

> You’re crazy. The plasma pistol is the best Covy weapon in the game besides the NR.

He’s talking about the Halo 2 plasma pistol.

As for me,

Halo CE
10/10. More godly than the CE Pistol. Fast rof. Very fast. But I prefer the plasma rifle.

Halo 2
5/10. The n00b combo was it all it was good for in that game. I prefer the plasma rifle, especially using it against Ultra Elites.

Halo 3
6/10. Best for n00b combo, dual wielding plasma pistols to take out 2 power shields in quick succession made Chief look cool. Also was good for drawing attention. I prefer the plasma rifle.

Halo: Reach
7/10. It’s powerful, but it doesn’t have the same feel. It still takes some shots to take out Elites whereas I could kill Elites in CE in an instant. Again, I prefer the plasma rifle.

Halo 3: 5/10. its only good for emp’ing vehicles and the noob combo
Halo reach: 9/10. It eats up shields and health like crazy, can be used for the noob combo as well asemp’ing vehicles and I like to use it like a shotgun (Overcharge and immediate punch)

It should also be mentioned that Reach’s PP nukes shields with only four normal hits, so it’s often not necessary and sometimes even unwise to use the overcharg shot.

10/10 for being the hardest gun to actually get a kill with!

I would give it a 8/10, because while the pistol bleeds shields dry, when it attacks the player itself, it is nowhere near as useful.

> You’re crazy. The plasma pistol is the best Covy weapon in the game besides the NR.

this guys right the plasma is like a gun with 101 users