Rate That Weapon #3 - M90 Shotgun

Behold the “King of Flood Killers”! The Shotgun is, true to its namesake, devastating at close range with its wide cone of fire, and its ability to damage more enemies at once at slightly longer ranges. In Halo 1 and Halo 2, it was the best weapon against all forms of the flood - one shot can knock them on their butt most of the time. By Halo 3, the Shotgun had lost its crown, but was still good to certain extent. I love using this against the Elites and Jackals occasionally, to blast off their shielding.

My Rating : 7/10

In Halo: CE, the Shotgun, Pistol and Sniper were my power three. If I had two of those I was happy. xD

I’ve just played through The Library on heroic yesterday without using the shotgun. I tried it once against a group of Floods but found that a quick index finger combined with the plasma pistol is way more useful and effective. Sure, it overheats very quickly (less than a second), but it also cools down again quite fast.

The only times when I really used the shotgun a lot was in CTF games in H:PC or H:CE LAN games; I prefer playing as a dedicated defender in those games, and the shotgun is simply unbeatable for that purpose.

Had to come rating after rating the Plasma Pistol. The Shotgun is an interesting one.

10/10 for the sound
9/10 for the raw power
3/10 for the skill required
10/10 for the look

The average: 8/10

-Extremely powerful at closer range
-Could take down 12 Elites easily with the 12 shots
-The perfect Flood Killer, good against hordes of Infection forms and Combat forms
-Useless at far range

Halo CE: 10/10, The shotgun accomplished what it was supposed to, CQC superiority, and Zombie-killing. It didn’t suffer alot of the range trouble it had in previous installments either.

Halo 2: 4/10, poor Xbox Live connections and Host made this weapon a “Host is god, everyone else sucks” machine. And in Campaign it really didn’t do much against anything but the Flood, in which case you aught-to have just used the Energy Sword, it was better at it.

Halo 3: 6/10, The netcode got better, and so did the Shotgun… And that’s literally all that can be said for it. It’s range went down, power went up, and it became a Melee-combat-only weapon.

Halo Reach: 10/10, the Shotgun has range again, doesn’t benefit the host noticeably more than anyone else, and balances fairly well with other weapons. It’s the Shotgun again.