Rate That Weapon #1 - M6D Pistol

Forget Halo 2’s M6C, Halo 3 and Reach’s M6G, ODST’s M6S, this is, without a doubt, the best pistol in the entire Halo series.The first weapon you get, Its extremely deadly due to its 2x zoom and with a knack for precise headshots. Coupled with the Plasma Pistol, the combo can make short work of enemies like Elites and Jackals.

It also deals lots more damage than the other pistols in the series - in the words of Frank O’ Connor, its still “wildly overpowered” - no more than a few headshots will take almost anything down. Not to mention, its another Hunter Killer (1 shot at its back kills).

Overall Rating : 8.5/10

More like 9001/10

117,777/ 10

but in all seriousness 9/10 because I can’t hit anything with it.

10/10 for the sound
10/10 for the raw power
10/10 for the skill required
10/10 for the look

Which gives an average of 10/10.

Maybe we should try some not so good weapon next time.

For campaign I love it, but it kind of sucked in multiplayer. It was so ridiculously overpowered. Wayyyyyy unbalanced.

It was so cool. It was so overpowered because of a late change bungie made to the game where they doubled it’s damage. It’s probably the best gun in any FPS. It works at long range with the zoom and close range because it could fire very fast.


shotgun+pistol = my best friends in CE

-Good looks
-Average RoF
-2x Zoom useful for taking out Flood Infection Form Hordes at a distance
-Useful for taking out weak infantry and Hunters
-Not always the best secondary weapon, and not a good primary, either
-If you get stuck with only the M6D left against some Elites, you are likely dead meat

6/10, It was terribly useless in the Campaign on Legendary, especially if you had access to any power weapon or a Plasma Rifle. And in Multiplayer it was so overpowered it rendered almost every other weapon redundant.