Rate Limits

Could anyone tell me what rate limit you get after requesting and increased rate?

I’d like to know roughly what’s possible before I finish my website as it will dictate what functionality I can provide.

Is it the same for everyone or do they decide on a case by case basis?


Hey PV Seph,

Our production increased rate is 200 request/10 seconds.
When you design your application we encourage you to be as efficient with your call pattern as you can to make the most of our limit.
Some general advice we give all developers is to cache match data (it won’t change after the match ended) and Metadata end points.

As a reminder, You can learn how to submit a request for a higher rate limit here

We look forward to seeing your app!

That’s great, thanks for the helpful response!

I will definitely be caching all data where possible.

I’ll submit a request when I’m a little further along.

Thanks again.

I’ve updated the FAQ with this info.

Thanks for asking the question OP! I was literally just about to ask this myself. I just submitted my rate limit request as well.

About how long does it take to get approved/disapproved? Anyone know from experience?