Rate Halo 5 wishlist above you

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TOP 10 Wishlist(rate out of 10 & post wishlist and get rated)

1.) Clan System

2.) Ranked Playlist, Social playlist and Clan playlist

3.) More body parts to customize (feet, hands, fingers etc…)

4.) Ability to put your Emblem on body (pecs,thighs,shoulders or back)(left or right)

5.) Halo 4’s graphics but less cartoony like Halo Reach’s graphics (matchmaking)

6.) 1 big forge environment plus 3 smaller ones (the ones on Halo 4)

7.) Proximity Chat (able to here other team when you are close to them)

8.) Ranking System is 1-100 (1-100 last longer and 100 is more if a “whole” number)

9.) Good mysterious Campaign

10.) The most Custom Games option we ever had