Rate 343's Performance for Halo 4!

From 1-10, 10 being the highest!

Dont give your rating on gameplay, give your rating on 343’s effort as a company :slight_smile:
Im not saying they did a bad job, I just want to know what everyone thinks

During game’s development:


> During game’s development:
> 7.60/10
> Post-launch:
> 0.00/10

tried to get the poll up sooner lol=/

> tried to get the poll up sooner lol=/

No prob. Any ways, I don’t know which of those marks use as overall lol

I think it’s fair to say that for a Halo title this game is about a 5.

And in my book Reach would be a 3.

… The game’s alright, but thier effort since release hasn’t been up to par.

They have fixed map glitches, so I gave them a 1.

> … The game’s alright, but thier effort since release hasn’t been up to par.
> They have fixed map glitches, so I gave them a 1.

weapon glitches too!

Cause fixing the game takes way to long.
Fans are leaving :frowning:

7 and thats being nice.

Who voted a 10 and didnt give input to the thread? :frowning:

In terms of communication with the community.


It’s annoying as hell when a company just sweeps issues under the rug or doesn’t even answer the questions about missing content.

They are terrible at listening to the audience and just keep on smiling as if everything is fine.

In terms of making a game however: 7

Good, but still lots of room for improvement.

well for how flamboyant the forums community is, I think the poll so far isnt as bad as I thought it would be

  1. they did some stuff. but very little, and what they did do was a poor effort at best

2 and that’s me being generous.

Gave it a 2. Because I did enjoy the campaing and cutscenes from spartan-ops. Why give it a 2 than?

-The multiplayers is somewhat fun but it is not Halo.
-Domain videos should have been available from within the game not just from waypoint…
-Post-Launch communication that does not involve cats is no where to be found.
-Glitches, glitches and glitches, seems like the game isn’t fully tested before it was released. And the sell now fix later philosophy is used.
-Eggheads…Really. This alone wants me to kill Sarah Palmer.
-Map pack a month after release…
-Lies. (No promised classic playlist, DLC mistake cover up, etc)
-Spec codes drama. The specializations should have been available for everyone right from the start.

Prior to launch they were doing ok but post launch there has been nothing added to the game

I blame Microsoft, not 343i.

I gave it an eight. I haven’t been noticing any glitches whatsoever apart from the Specialisations glitch, but there are some things that need to be fixed:

-Maps: the game modes aren’t using the full range of maps. I’ve primarily been playing Complex, Haven and Adrift, leaving many out of the equation.

-Game Modes: we need more. Don’t get me wrong, they’re fun modes and have changed, I believe, for the better, but there’s no Multi-Team, Team Snipers, Grifball, etc. I would love to see Action Sack make a return, there’s loads to do in Forge that can bring heaps of refreshing new game modes and map variations into the game. This brings me onto my next point.

-File Share: I know that they’re working on getting it up, but why implement a new system? What was wrong with the old one? C’mon, I want to play some of the genius game modes and maps that can come of this game.

-Boltshot: 343, nerf it. Nerf that thing like you’ve never nerfed a gun in your life. It’s a mini-shotgun, a loadout-based mini-shotgun. Do it.

-Spartan Ops Matchmaking: Reach had the same problem. The servers are horribly laggy and need to be improved.

Other than that, it’s a great game and I think they’ve done well. 343 just have to get their -Yoink- in gear and start fixing things.

> Prior to launch they were doing ok but post launch there has been nothing added to the game

They really weren’t, I don’t know why everyone says ths, they showed off EVERYTHING in this game months before it was out.

We knew:

All the armour that could be unlocked
All the maps
All the weapons
All the vehicles
All the specializations.

Aside from the campaign, they left nothing as a surprise at all. Everything was shown to us on a plate. There were hardly any leaks, they just gave us all the information. BUNGIE was so secretive it was great!

Actually not everything, the terrible playlists and gametypes they didn’t mention, we had to realise they were -Yoink- when the game came out.

Well, as a company trying to adopt a franchise to make it more interesting a 7. They hyped the community and made us think this was going to be the greatest, no surprise that I can’t even end up finishing a single game due to -Yoink-.

For post launch, I really wish there was an option 0 because I am absolutely sick of this game. Contemplated selling it for 20$ because i find myself mad more than I have fun