Ranting on Halo 4: Things That Piss Me Off

The day after release, Wednesday November 7, I hit an experience cap(which I think is some BS) after using up 27 Double XP matches. So I then went to the store and got 39 more Double XP points and played a few more games (no more than 10 games). So the next day, I go to play thinking “Hey, the XP cap is over; I can speed level again!” After a couple games, I was sure that this Double XP bonus was NOT taking effect. Where did those Double XP points go?!
Did I really just spend money on junkfood for it to stay ONLY junkfood?
Why isn’t there a support line or online support that I can get help from?
I want my Double XP.

Not much of a rant, but this will be the last thing I’ll talk about.
Assassinations/melee from behind
From my 17 hours of playtime, I am convinced that there is NO WAY to ensure a one-smack-melee from behind or a plain assassination.
When trying to assassinate, there is about a 70% chance that you will assassinate the person; the other 30% is you ending up beating him down with one hit.
And vice-versa when you try to beatdown and not waste time by assassinating.
I’m sure some of you get a little ticked when you accidently go into a scene of assassination in the middle of a frenzy.
And yes, I know how to assassinate, and I know how to beatdown.
I’ve completed the Assassin-Masters Commendation.
Throughout casual player and earning my Venator armour, there’s been many moments of assassination where my Spartan will begin to GRAB and mount the victim, then just STOP like nothing happened. I’ve had an incident where I was following a person and performed the assassination move three times, all just dismounting the victim.
Fix this crap please.
Or at least give us an explanation.


Yeah a lot of things irritate me about this game too. I’ve noticed the whole assassination thing too. What irritates me is the boltshot being a spawn weapon when it can 1 shot people, and then just the fact that the light rifle is more powerful than any other precision weapon in game that you can spawn with, then they buffed the damage of the AR. What happened to player skill leading to victory instead of loadouts?

You shouldn’t worry so much about ranking up quickly man, just enjoy the game, why bring undue stress upon yourself? I haven’t noticed any issue with the load-outs. Yes, certain weapons have their niches but we all have the option to choose them as we please. There is an effective counter to every weapon in the game that’s why it’s so well balanced.

Sorry, this isn’t to do with the original post, but how many assassinations did it take you to get to Assassin Master?

I DO play recreationally but also competitively. When I play for fun, I think “Why not level twice the speed whilst having fun?” That’s my perspective on that. I want to be proficient with the time I spend on this game. And when it comes to competitiveness, I expect the game to play how it is meant to play. Little details and bugs are hell of a nuisance.

I wanna say… 175 assassinations.


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