How do you think the rank system is gonna work?
Rank playlists
And overall Spartan rank

I’d love for it to go back to Recruit thru General or even like to Inheritor like in Reach. I’m fine with levels if they choose to go that way again. But if they combined it, it probably be a little cool to see like 1-200 levels and then you start at recruit and just keep grinding for the max rank. Or if they do it like on the MCC and it’s just multiple tours each player has to complete.

I imagine it’ll work just as it has in recent history.

XP per match levels you up, there are also XP tokens that were from the Monster promo back in the day too, they’ll speed up the levelling.

Competitive Rank goes up by winning. Resets on a seasonal basis.

Hopefully they use the same CSR system from Halo 5 in terms of competitive playlists.

K/D and W/L ratio

Hopefully the H2 ranking systems for ranked playlists

I’ve always been a fan of the military ranks myself, I mean it does all revolve around the UNSC afterall.

Im fine with the tour system from mcc. I liked the different colored shields, makes it easier to tell when you’re goin against an experienced player in the pregame lobby.