With everything being broken in match making will there ever be rank playlists?

Having one ranked playlist for a game type I don’t feel like playing when there are around 7 social. 343 just keeps disappointing me with everything they do when they touch matching making.

Like I said after I played Halo 4 … I’m not buying Halo 5 when 343 wants to just be a social shooter and not competitive like was back when Bungie made the games.

currently 343 is busy fixing up the small bugs in the game, but pretty sure more rank listings will be added (for example: swat, sniper, mlg ect…)

Just give it a month or so and more playlists should be up.

Well don’t buy it then. We don’t need people to say I’m not going buy the game just because something not there that you want bro. If that’s the type of person you are then your going to be very disappointed for any game you go to for the future.

The only reason why it’s not there because most people can’t have real match without any problems what so ever. Plus most likely 343 is going to restart all ranks after these problems are all fixed. So everyone can start off on a even level. :smiley:

They will fix it. They know people care about the ranks. I got reset from a 5 to 1 4 times so its no big lol. Got a buddy that lost 14 and 12 so yeah… lol

Played against a 34 in a 7v7 Team BRs on Warlord today. I wonder if he’s gotten reset lol.

I’ve gotten reset after hitting rank;

Wonder how long till I get reset this time lol, currently at 10 again.