Ranks yet no Good Connection Search filter

How are we meant to have competitive games when we are constantly matched with people on the other side of the world without choice? The search filter built in is not adequate. I just searched for 10 seconds and was matched with an entire lobby of Americans and Mexicans (I live in Australia, wtf?). If there’s a good time to implement a good connection search filter, it’s now that we ahve competitive rank.

It was nearly impossible in H3 to go from 45-50 skill if you lived in Australia due to the connection, at higher skills it doesn’t matter how good you are you don’t have a chance against an American host, that latency will decide whether you get first shot or not, it’s a sad thing about xbox live.

I always had a chuckle when I grouped with Aussie mates and we pulled host against some American’s, they’d get pooped on and think we were hackers when in fact they were just experiencing the latency we dealt with for the vast majority of ranked games.

So if you want to decrease your chances of that happening I’d suggest grouping with Aussie mates and dishing back the trans-global host.