Ranks Should be Thought About Carefully

Ranks in Halo 4 need to be thought about carefully in Halo 4. For me I believe there should be no rank system since XBL was originally made as a new gaming experience and as one community becoming closer. Yes a ranking system did offer a new gaming experience since it gave more incentive and playability, but it definitely didn’t bring the gaming community closer, if anything it pulled it apart. Now because of the ranking system (in all games) we have another reason for gamers to put other gamers down because they don’t have a high enough rank or K/D which is annoying and insulting.

I do understand that not a lot of people would agree with me on that but I am willing to compromise. I think the Reach Ranking system should be used as skill based systems never work. You should be awarded for amount of time being a fan and not by the skill you have. This could be fixed by an improved Arena, and I don’t say improved lightly. Currently Arena is not a competitive playlist, as it still offers very “nooby” tactics that no one likes, if the Arena is ever done again it should be using MLG approved gametypes and should have the same system as Halo 3.

Armour should be gained through achievements or feats in game, as we know ranking up means better armour in Reach which is not fair for those who do not spend a lot of time in the game. Armour should be a kind of medal for a feat not an award for experience.

TL;DR? I think there should not be a ranking system, but if there is it should be more like Reach’s with a better Arena. Also armour should be unlocked via achievements.