Ranks in a political sense

I think it is funny how people claim that everyone wants ranks, but the same few people are posting the same type of threads every time. Oh well

Anyways, in light of November 6 being Halo day and election day I thought I would share a comparison for people.

Democrats want to please everyone and take care of everyone (healthcare)

Republicans think you have the right to choose if you want healthcare or not. (freedom of choice) so essentially you work to pay for healthcare

So here is the comparison.

Democrats in a Halo sense do not care for ranks because they do not benefit everyone and shows people are better

Republicans in a Halo sense want ranks because it shows they prefer ranks and are willing to work for them.

HOWEVER - Republicans do not whine nearly as much as Democrats do so essentially what we have here is

Republicans acting like democrats.

THIS is why things are chaotic here.

I guess this thread is pointless, but so is ever other thread on ranks

Political discussion is not allowed.

I have made a similar comparison myself (just didn’t post it anywhere). I think some people just have different outlooks. It is interesting seeing it play out on a smaller scale with a game. I don’t really think you can say one group whines more than the other though, I think people in generally whine pretty equally lol.