Ranks do not work

Ok so I let my friend play the first couple matches and he is not great so I got a -Yoink- rank like silver 3.
In the ranking system I would expect to get paired with Gold 1s or Silver 2s.

Everyone on the other team is like onyx and gold 3s while my team is non ranked or bronze 1s lol
I keep getting 25-30 kills a game and around 6-10 deaths my kda is like 8.6.
Why do I keep getting shitties on my team that have like -100.00 KDA and are dumb little -Yoink- who were most likely level 5s in Halo 3 lol

I would like your opinions on the ranking system because the way it pairs you with players is kinda -Yoink-
The last two matches I get -Yoink- teammates and they make me lose getting like 15-20 deaths a game.

Maybe if you get like 20 deaths a game average you get put into a noob pool lobby where all the noobs play and they have there own rank to signal they suck xD