Ranks are not shown in the playlist menu

In the list where I can choose which gametype I wanna play I can’t see my current rank! But if I play a game I can see my rank in the carnage report afterwards. So I’m still beeing ranked and I can rank up and down as usual, it’s just not displayed in the playlist menu (always shows I still have to do 10 matches to get my rank).
Since I haven’t heard much about this problem I’m assuming it’s not a general problem for everyone. I’m from Germany and I’ve set my console to german language and all my friends from Germany are facing the same issues.
This problem first occured after the Ghosts of Meridian update and I hoped it would be fixed with the Memories of Reach update but it wasn’t.
Is anyone else having this issues?

Ya, me too. German also.
It appears this problem is affecting all players playing non-english versions!

no one anwered in the other Threads about this issue.

I’m Mexican and I that happens to me too. This happens for a month and do nothing, and despair me!!!

Same for us French. We must put the console in English to make it work, which is not normal.
THANKS to correct that, it makes 2 or 3 seasons it’s like that.

We know you do not listen to your fans, but this is the bare minimum for this kind of thing. It is not the players to change their region console but you do your job.

Yea I have the same problem and it is annoying me. What happened to the fan service? It’s so disappointing to even write this kinda stuff. It’s such a little thing to correct and if they don’t apply I’m out. It’s making me so sad to see what’s used to be my favorite game series becoming such a lazy job. And I don’t wanna begin the hole topic with that lazy map recycling stuff but man its all the small things like blink 182 said. So please do something about it, it’s so frustrating.

still no response…

Thanks for the report! We’re aware of this and investigating.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:
Hope you’ll get it fixed soon