Rankred unplayable due to cheating

Last 4 games of last night one person had an aimbot and wall hacks on the other team. I just got on and played my first game. And who gets matched on my team? A cheater from last night. No worries though!!! There is a cheater with wall hacks and aimbot on the other team to balance it out!

This is so frequent problem now the game cannot be played. What is 343 going to do about this?



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Probably turn it into a weekly challenge.

I have 15 hours played and haven’t run into a hacker yet, what gamemode are you playing and I’m assuming you’re on PC.

does playing only controller mitigate cheating? i only play solo/duo controller, and a few times I’ve had my suspicions but for the most part i don’t think so.

It is literally in the title. :wink:

I’ve seen a few in Ranked, however they can be in any playlist obviously. You haven’t seen them because most are not obvious. What’s that? player with 100 gamerscore getting 70% accuracy? oh and they happen to be on PC? oh and they’re also in Onyx? dead giveaway.

Now obviously I’d recommend actually watching their gameplay in Theater, but regardless there are a lot of hackers in this game.

Probably, but not to a large degree. I’m assuming that most of these cheats work for M+K exclusively, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they also had them to work for controllers.

They have them for controllers as well. Ive gone and verified in theater for every cheater and id say the majority have actually been on controller. Most of the time the cheaters will unload clips to lower their accuracy before the game ends.

In one of the games last night a cheater’s BR was shooting at like 1.5 speed.

The amount of cheaters I have run into is exponential. Just a week ago I was only seeing maybe 2 or 3 in a day. Now it’s almost every game.

I keep running into people I think are cheating but it’s just series x players. The two versions of the game work fundamentally different right now, and the desync is atrocious. They’ll literally be able to see you a half second before you see them, and with the ultra fast ttk in this game that’s a free kill.

If they take out crossplay or just fix this discrepancy then the game will play a lot better. As it stands xbox players probably think they’re gods at this game for being able to take advantage of this.

ive heard about this and seen videos of it. A friend says he has the issue a lot but fortunately I havent desycned yet.