Ranking Yappening Game modes

  1. Total Control
  2. CTF
  3. Shotty Snipers
  4. Team Snipers
  5. Skockets
  6. Stockpile
  7. Slayer

I think I covered all the game modes here. Hopefully they add more game modes next week. I’d be down to play fiesta oddball or KOTH. Also could add coliseum slayer to BTB, that map is big enough for it.

What are your thoughts on my rankings? What’s your favorite to play?

I found skockets great fun.

Disliked the snipers mode as it doesn’t seem right in infinite - the sniper feels off for some reason.

Skockets is my favourite. I like all the BTB Fiesta modes.

BT Snipers is not my cup of tea. I think some might enjoy that mode though, being snipers only on BTB maps. But feels like it should be on a Sniper playlist. Somehow I have not had a Shotty Snipers match yet.

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I’d put Skockets higher and snipers lower.

Skockets might be the worst gametype since Last Spartan Standing. Every time it came up, I had to force myself not to quit the match. Sometimes I still did, when the enemies started killing me through walls and floors.
A gametype with only instakill weapons does not work in a game that has such horrible netcode and desync such as Infinite. And it’s been even worse this week than since the season began…

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Skockets seems to be the one with the most mixed opinions based on this and other threads.

I have fun playing it as I run around like a madman with rockets. Plus with everyone else shooting rockets, it sounds like you’re under artillery bombardment which is cool/unique I think.

I personally ranked the sniper modes higher because I’ve had some really good games. BTB maps are more ideal for team snipers than the arena maps.

I would only keep this 4 modes:

  • Slayer
  • CTF
  • Total Control
  • Shotty Snipers

Skockets and only skockets. I’m not interested in any of the other modes. I had fun, we even won our match (no thanks to me, I’m terrible). But I won’t be returning, seems like it’s random what game mode you get placed in and I just got lucky and ended up in the only one I wanted to play.

Still, this seemed like a step in a better direction at least.