Ranking up too fast?

I was wondering how fast everyone took to rank up. Im 42 now have completed 154 games average XP each match was 2500. I have completed all the Spartan Ops missions each time getting 2966 XP (Is this a limit). I also complete most of the War games weekly and daily challenges. All together 28 hours playtime.
To me this seems far too quick I will probably be SR 70 by the time the Specialisation codes come out.
What speed does everyone else rank up at?

Ranking up is pretty fast relative to Reach. I get pretty much the same amount of XP as you do.

I’m rank 85. I get usually 3000+ xp per game (with fast track on war games) and 17,000 xp (Spartan Ops), and I’ve done around 500 games, But I’ve been playing every day since day 1 of Halo 4. Most of the time I complete a specialization in a week or two, depending if I do the 17000 xp per game exploit.