Ranking Up/Down

Personally I feel only one thing in the ranking system really bugs me. For intsamce say in a match you are carrying your team, or have the highest kills lowest deaths, I feel it only fair that you don’t rank down I mean they should at least keep your rank in the same spot. There have been games where I feel pretty good about myself, getting good kills and a few sprees, yet if my team ends up losing you still get a major point drop in the ranking system. I just feel there should be no change neither up nor down. Make it an individual ranking system as well.

Yep. Especially with BR starts it makes it crazy.

Maybe one playlist for parties vs parties in which youre ranked based on wins/loses and then a separate one for individual players to be ranked based on individual skill.

goin cray cray

I would like to see the grind come back. In the 1-50 system you start out as level 1, and work your way up from there to your skill level. With this system I play my 10 matches and am placed into a tier.

I know I won’t ever be a high rank, but seeing myself go from Iron-1 to Gold-2 is just much more enjoyable of an experience.