Ranking: Team FFA and Team Arena !

Ok more about the topic about ranking, in light of 3431 not addressing players leaving a game early that I hope 3431 would read - this would balance the issue with the ranking.

The way it is set up currently, you are primarily placed by your W/L ratio, which is ridiculously unfair to the solo players (like myself).

The players that team up have a massive advantage of ranking up based on the rate that players leave the game early , a convoluted mismatch. By simply renaming the category, where the people that (team up) are separated from the randoms (solo players) so everyone has the same basic advantage. This would promote both categories of players, the teams and the solo with this simple adjustment.

The playlist would look more like this in Arena. This change should also be applied to Warzone.

Team Slayer (FFA) 4v4 ( all randoms in playlist) A much higher player drop rate than Team.
Team Slayer 4v4 (2 or more in a playlist) Randoms could also play if seeking team members.

I think this small change would benefit the harsh issues of the playlist and ranking system.