Ranking system

Honestly, the ranking system this season is absolutely terribly. Why was onyx removed, there was nothing wrong with onyx. And what is with this bs about not increasing after a win, yesterday I won seven games in a row and didn’t go up a bit. Only our top player on our team went up. So, does the new ranking system reward people playing with other people that are worse than them? Last season was good, I felt like matches were more balanced, now I can barely get a balanced match. We went up against a team where one player had 31 kills and the rest of his teammates went negative, what is this? Why is 343 still experimenting with a game that’s almost 3 years old? I do not like they new changes, I would love it if 343 knew how to release a finished product.

The matchmaking update thread explains the new CSR system and why the qualifying CSR is capped at Diamond 3. You can read about it here.