Ranking system.

The ranking system is decent, but far from perfect. All I’m asking is for them to stop unranked players from being matched with ranked players. What changes do you want made?

Unranked players need to be matched with ranked players for the system to work. Without them being put against already ranked players, there’s no metric the system can use to decide who’s good or not. The system works by matching unranked players against ranked ones based on how they did the previous game. If you dominate your first 4 games against average (Gold and Platinum) players, but do mediocre when faced up against Onyx level players, chances are you’ll be placed in Onyx to keep things competitive.

If you only pit unranked people against one another, there’s no control to measure the difference in skill. It sucks doing poorly in placement matches because you’re against diamonds and platinums, but that’s how the system is designed to place you in the correct rank.

My only complaint is that the ranks are skewed towards what I would consider higher ranks like platinum and diamond.