Ranking System Woes

So I finally got my rank in Doubles. Spent most of a game hiding and trying to pick off two attackers because most of my ranking matches people quit. These guys seemed pretty good- turns out they were! One in onyx, the other was a champion. Looked at my rank, Platinum 1. Are you kidding me? Why would it decide to match me against onyx and champions if it was going to rank me as a platinum? Where is the logic in that? My teammate was an onyx, but again, he quit the game so it’s not like he helped whatsoever.

Anyone else get ranks that didn’t seem accurate considering the enemies you faced or how well you did?

The matchups really depend on your settings. By default I think it’s set to either Expanded or Balanced which screwed me over many times as I was a Platinum going up against teams of Onyx in Swat. Change your search to Focused and you should be getting players that are in the same ranking division as you with the rare occasion of someone 2-3 ranks ahead.