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I’m going to be completely honest, I love this game so much, it hurts. I’m giving it 2weeks to figure things out when it comes to the tables arena, or unfortunately, I will be done with the game. I’d like a full review of my solo/duo games the past week. A fair review, from teammates rankings, to “stats”. I won 13 of 14 in solo/duo on diamond 6, didn’t get onyx. Lost 3 games (opponents had all onyx but one diamond, all 3 games) I lost 36 points, went positive, played objective, 2”teammates were low platinum or EVEN GOLD. So I’m under the impression that halo has an idea of who EXACTLY they want at the top. I try not to complain, but my god losing 36 points going down to diamond 5 half, after winning 13 of 14 on diamond 6, is very disappointing. Honestly, anyone else having these issues? To anyone at 343 reading this, explain this to me fully. Why am I losing such an alarming amount of ranked points when I do everything I can to win or assist teammates? Why do I get gold and platinum teammates when I play all onyx and one diamond? When I myself am only diamond 5 now. This is garbage in my opinion.


There is no conspiracy.

You won a series of games vs teams you were evenly matched with and didn’t rank up much. This is how a ranking system should function (it isn’t an XP grind).

The system has started to think this is your rank. And maybe it is.

You then lost to teams a way below you and you lost rank. You shouldn’t have lost those games. But you did, and now the system loses confidence that you are actually that good.

The team bit sucks… But what can you do. It’s the risk you take. It could be a bad player or two… Or just a mismatch - bringing 4 specialist snipers together on a CQC map for instance.

Is there anyway you could have changed the way you played to bring the team into focus? Probably not.

You just have to accept there comes a point where your rank stops going up because team work starts to have more influence than your individual skill.

Maybe you have to accept that you are a D5 to D6 player… depending on form and luck with team mates.

And don’t forget it works both ways. Nobody complains when they are carried by better team mates for a run of wins and move up a rank or two higher than they should.

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Disagree. I was getting unevenly matched. I’d know obviously since I was the one playing checking ranks after and did a test for 2 weeks.

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Not to mention, you probably work for 3 v 4, I mean 343. The game is broke. Desync, 3 v 4s, but you are right I’m diamond 5-6 when I’m paired in a lot of 3 v 4 games. Nothing done about the cheaters. For example, Iden, who also probably works at 343. Instead of keep on going, l just say it was fun while it lasted. Viewership has dropped dramatically and no one is going to wait for months to get a legit update on Desync and cheaters to be addressed.

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