Ranking System Proposition.

So in H3 and in H;Reach spartan rank was by title basically recruit, private, etc; but what I would like is for them to bring back the Reach system of leveling as well as a H3 skill based rank and instead of using Marine titles they go by Navy rank as Spartans are navy and it would be unique, I don’t think a game has ever used the naval rank structure as a progression system in MP.

Marines are Navy. They are the Navy’s infantry. I believe the ranks you’re talking about are for seamen.

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I know Marines are a branch of the navy but don’t tell that to a marine they usually don’t appreciate it very much :). Spartans carry Navy rank not marine rank so if your rand is petty officer 3rd class rather than CPL it would feel more accurate to the Spartan lore.

Spartan IIs were Navy (Marine trained). Spartan IIIs were Army, I believe. Spartan IVs are apparently their own branch. I would not be surprised if their ranks will be like nothing we’ve ever seen. Not ever sure they will have ranks, just positions (Squad Leader, Commander, etc.).

according to the lore all Spartans are Navy as they are part of ONI the SIV are no longer part of ONI but have there own branch but use Navy ranks as Spartan Palmer was a LT when she was in the ODSTs (marines), but a CDR as a Spartan. it gets a tad confusing as both branches have LT in the marines they are O-1 and O-2 IRL in the Navy O-2 and O-3 with O-4 being LT Commander

I think your thread has turned into something else all together. On topic the progressive ranking system in Reach is fine with me, as long as there are ranked playlist with visible ranks. The visible ranks give you incentive to win and the progressive ranks give you a reason to keep playing even if you’ve reached max rank or not.

As long as it takes a long time to reach the max rank in the progressive ranks. Like inheritor from Reach or 5 star general from Halo 3. It doesn’t mean much when you can reach max rank in a matter of weeks.

Well, it’s more likely that they will continue with the SR system which can go as high as 999. They could throw in some position modifiers like Platoon Leader, Company Commander, Brigade Commander, and so forth.