Ranking system needs to be released b4 XMAS

Assuming ranking is a make or break for a lot of people…Then this is 343s chance. Tons of new players will be getting this game on xmas along with COD and who knows what else. If the ranking system is that important then they need to get it in the game before that time (it really should have been in on release) to keep those new players coming back to halo after they have played all of their new holiday games. After the new year as I have read is honestly not the best call. Even if its not ‘perfected’ yet, get it in then update it with the ‘perfected’ version after the new year. I mean they are already using trueskill…just give it a number and fix the problems from H3. This issue has been discussed since the first days of H3, its not like they havent had tons and tons of community feedback to go through to make it work.