Ranking system is worthless

It appears as if the ranking system is just a progression system. I’ve lost many games in a row and don’t go down in rank, but when I win, I go up. People have already reached Onyx on day 2. So it’s basically another social playlist but they added progression names to it. I still don’t understand why not bring back 1-50 ranking system and keep a separate social playlist. It makes it fun for a team to work together towards a goal and actually stay on the game. Once I hit Onyx, I’m going to get bored and just go back to warzone Pacific. Does 343 really have that much of an ego where they can’t just take the good things Bungie did and improve upon them for the game we all used to love? So disappointing because the game is amazing and feels great, but I will get bored so quickly with no real ranking.