Ranking System is PERFECT!!!

How can anyone hate on the Win/Lose Ranking system? It’s perfect! It’s a team game! If you dont like it then you’re a noob who was never good at H2 or H3. No more of this “Look at my KD!” In halo 3 if you had a 50 in mlg your KD was around 1.3-1.5. If you were a 50 in any playlist there was no getting 2.0+ KD every game. The most important part was having a positive KD and now it’s back to that because it keeps it a Microphone on, get your buddies, say callouts, Gain map control, hold the power weapons kind of game again!

Thank you 343! All I wanted was a normal ranking system and I will play Halo for DAYYZZZ!

I’d still take 1-50 over it anyday, but I agree.

Its actually about winning games consecutively now and not just who has the most time on their hands.

I don’t absolutely love it, but I’ll take it ANYDAY over Reach or Halo 4’s casual ranking system.

The 1-50 ranking system was better I think. But this one is definitely the best kind of ranking system in any game out there at the moment. If you arent ranked and play kids on your level then it gets way to boring. I got tired in Halo 4 cuz getting a 3.0 KD and better was way to easy.

It’s so much for fun when you’re playing a group of try hards and you only win by 3 kills or less

I like the W/L aspect, but there are still many issues.

  1. If you are a high rank and matchmaking pairs you with lower levels (which is out of your control) and you lose, you will be GREATLY penalized. To my understanding, this is why some games you can lose about 80 points instead of the average 10.

  2. If you have a really good team and destroy the enemy very quickly or if they quit early, you’ll sometimes only get 2 points for winning a game. This happened to me the other night and we got a total 13 points for 5 games.

Besides that and other issues I’m not aware of, I realize it’s a beta, but I am digging the fact it’s based on W/L, it helps prevent people camping for good K/D ratios.

  • Perfect? no. There are absolute scrubs with semi pro. I have seen people with negative KDRs and 50% win ratio with semi pro. So, no it isn’t perfect.