Ranking system in the next game.

The reason the ranking system in halo 4 is not in game is because of cheating and the buying of accounts. Well you can’t stop that, you can only slow it down, and 343 new that which is why you couldn’t see other players rank in game. I think that in the next game, they should put it in game but make it so only the player can see his own rank in game. Everybody else has it blocked. The only way to see other players ranks would be through waypoint. In this scenario, both 343 and the hardcore fans win.

Since you’re talking about the next game it should be in the forum for the next game.

As for my opinion on it, I think it should be visible in game since there was a high enough demand for it and I think it should use a Seasonal/League system like SC2 or LoL.

The reason I didn’t post it there was because its not as active as this section.