Ranking System Have Credits and 1-50?

I think that halo 4 should not only use the 1-50 ranks like in halo 2 and 3 BUT should also use the credits like in Halo Reach. They should give you the 1-50 rank in order to match you with evenly skilled players based on your wins and losses just like in 2 and 3. The credits system should be used to measure the players individual skill giving as many credits as they deserve based on performance. This way each player will have one overall military type rank like in reach in order to get more gear and things like that so that even if you are not very good you can sit at lvl 10 your entire halo career and still be able to unlock all the things that the lvl 50 have. The 1-50 ranks needs to be there so that everyone can enjoy the game. at there own skill level and balance out the ammount of credits ppl will earn in one match. Say if the ranks were set up this way. at lvl 10 a player earns 1k credits against other lvl 10s. now if you drop that lvl 50 in the game he is gonna just destroy them. getting mass ammounts of credits and leaving no credits and no fun for the others. you drop that 50 into a game with players his own skill he will most likely earn equal credits as the lvl 10. to be honest i have just been typing and not even going back to read what the hell im saying. Long story short there should be 1-50 rankings for playlists and a credit system for your overall multiplayer.