Ranking System Changes Porfavor

Instead of monthly arena ratings ie onyx gold silver…why dont you keep the 50 system but every 6 months it gets reset so that you have to re-earn that 50? When people had 50s in h3 some never played on their main account because they were afraid of losing it. also it would create a more even playing field for ranked matches considering some people in gold are better than onyx but divisions are almost entirely based on winning percentages.

Second, make more ranked playlist. keep social snipes, swat, etc but make a ranked version of it. or something like team whatever where it is a mix of them

1-50 isn’t a rank as such. It’s your visible TrueSkill rating. Reseting it each month would just lead to problems matching up players.

I doubt these changes would be applied any time soon.

not really. if it reset every 6 months then it would be as if everyone made new accounts with fresh slates. granted this is just my opinion and everyone else has theirs but i think its kinda a cool idea

Yeah pls bring back the ranking system!!!

A win/loss ranking system (which is what 1-50 trueskill is) is useless in anything but a free for all environment. I’m all for a skill based ranking system, even a 1-50 system, but Trueskill is a sad joke.