Ranking over many games

I only play Slayer with 2 friends we pretty much have the same amount of games played because we only play Slayer together. This is not just the first ten games, this is over a 150ish game per season (+ or - a few games because of server issues with being booted before the game started) This has been going on for multiple season (since the ranking system was update a little while ago. I was always ranked around the same as Bvurn and Colstfan1975 was always 2 or 3 rankings below us.)
Here are our stats for this season.

  • Me: DreamWorksSKG Season 2.8 KDA Ranking at a GOLD 6, 158 games, 1,673 Kills, 1,504 deaths, 823 assists - Friend 1: Bvurn Season 2.8 KDA Ranking at a PLATINUM 3, 162 games, 1,876 Kills, 1,665 deaths, 729 assists - Friend 2: Coltsfan1975 Season -0.2 KDA Ranking at a PLATINUM 1, 161 games, 1,682 Kills, 1,909 deaths, 567 assistsThis is new thread of a duplicate post because a Moderator stckboy locked the thread after replying with some questions and some answers, so i could not reply but I don’t think he understood my OP. So here it is again modified with more info and hopefully clearer of the situation.
    So can someone please explain why i am ranked at a Gold 6 with nearly the same amount of games played together, with the same or higher KDA than the other 2 people? Especially the friend that is A NEGATIVE KDA?
    Bvurn and I are the same KDA, yes he has more kills than me, but to be four ranks below him? come on, I could understand if i was a PLATINUM 2 because he has more kills than me.
    It especially does not make any sense that Coltsfan1975 and i have nearly the same amount of kills, but I have over 400 LESS DEATHS than him and he is nearly 2 ranks higher than me? This is madness?
    Please 343 fix this or explain why? Thank you!

He wanted you to post your info in this thread.

Thanks lukepowa! first time posting in forums (of any kind)

Hey man! Stats and kills/deaths only matter based on who you match. For example, if you guys are between Gold 6 and plat 3, chances are, you play teams of players with similar MMRS (If there is enough players evenly matched to play on at the time)

Usually those who placed higher and go up quicker perform better against low plat MMRs than you do on average. That’s my guess from what I know of Menke’s system, and what you said.

So basically, you are ranked on who you win and lose against, how well you did AGAINST those players, based on their MMR/CSRs.

For example, my stats: Slayer - Champion 85, 1957 kills, 1618 deaths, and a 48.9 win rate at 137 games.

You can always message Menke or check out his thread for a much better explanation.

Thanks traadeMerK! What you said doesn’t make any sense to me. Again, we are all in the same games and the same amount of games so our win percentage is pretty much the same and we are winning an losing against the same people. but even if we are not figuring my friend bvurn in the situation. How can someone (coltsfan1975) with basically the same amount of games as me and we played all those games together and a significantly lower KDA be ranked higher than me. so typically i am higher up in each match?

since we are playing the same games at the same time, winning and losing together and 90% of the time i am higher up in each game, but with almost the same amount of kills (I have 9 less kills than him but i have over 400 less deaths) who would you want on your team? a guy with a 2.8 positive kda or a -0.2 negative kda given the preceding info of being in the same games, winning and losing together?

also how do i message Menke or ZaedynFel?

Simply click his profile and send him a message! Also, ranking takes into consideration your entire Halo 5 career into account, not just the current season, your MMR never resets, but your visual CSR does. I can’t explain the KDA and obvious stat difference despite being a lower rank, but Zaedyn can. There’s always much more at play than raw stats.

Went through some of your games, it seems that he has performed better than you in the few games you guys matched higher mmr teams. That could be a factor. But the difference between all 3 of you seems reasonable, and not far off MMR wise.

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