Ranking opinion

I read off of another thread that we’ll have ranks hidden, if it’s real. It’ll be hidden for everyone, but only you can view it. From my understanding, this doesn’t prevent cheating. Everyone cheats no matter what ranking system there is as long as they win. As for bragging rights, was it an actual reason to make it hidden? You can’t show off how good your profile is, but you can tell everyone you’re a “50” even if you’re a “30”(Halo 3 reference, not actual rank for sure). I predict even more trash talk than there was than halo 3. Anyone else?

As long as it matches me up failry, I will not whine about it.

If it doesn’t match you according to the rank itself, I just see it as Arena 2.0. As we all know, Arena was a complete and utter failure in Reach compared to 1-50 in both Halo 2 and 3 in terms of popularity.

The only difference is that the “con” is that only you can see the rank, instead of it resetting every month, or three months, or however long a season is now…

If it matches players correctly, it shouldn’t matter if other players see your rank or not.

I do NOT think ranks are hidden. Keep in mind 343 didnt confirm this in any way, shape or form. Link
Go to 0.30 you’ll see it say’s Frankie just reached rank (A-7)
Doesn’t seem so hidden to me.

I think its been read all wrong I see it as you have a rank/true skill like in Halo 3 so it matches you up with similar skilled players which is the one that’s hidden, then we have the Reach type rank which is is seen by all.

That’s my opinion it maybe wrong, but until it gets explained everyone is just guessing.