Ranking is too messed up

Hello Folks! I am not usually one to complain about things, but this is getting to be too much. We need a social playlist that folks can go into because I’m tired of being placed on teams with some of the people out there. I don’t really see a reason for Diamond to be placed with silver/gold/platinum players. I understand that they are looking at connection first. I don’t mind some of the tier below like platinum but there is no reason for gold to be matched on the team.

Three straight games where team mates were in over their heads. No map movement and no map control. They never notice weapon spawns, even though power weapons have a timer for that and it gets announced. I hope that with time this can work because as of now, what’s the point of a rank if you don’t have similar players on your team.

My friends and I don’t always have everyday to play together. We set aside atleast two days a week to game and increase our rank. I don’t feel like waiting to play ranked on just those day. We I do jump in solo, I get hit with the above teammates or matched against a team of four. But it is what it is. Other then that, I enjoy it for what it is worth. And only hope for the best.

Your teammates are just unfortunate pairing for that match.

But if you think getting Diamond against you is bad, try my luck. I’m a Plat 2 and I was placed against Onyx in SWAT on one match.


Oh sorry if I worded wrong. I’m Diamond and I keep getting teammates that are ranked way lower. I have had Gold/Silver on my team for who knows why. Just getting tired of the mismatched games when I head in solo. I enjoy getting matched against likewise ranks but can’t stand the lower rank folks being thrown on the team.

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> We need a social playlist that folks can go into because I’m tired of being placed on teams with some of the people out there.

I just treat Slayer and Warzone as social playlists. It’s easier that way and I no longer have to think about it. I just play.

Really bad people are getting placed in onyx and it’s not fair

I’m not sure if social play lists will come later, or if they’re reluctant to have them at all because they’re afraid that the arena will meet the same fate as it did in Reach. Or maybe the whole thing is calculated to drive people into Warzone when they get frustrated with the quirks of rank grinding.

I’m Onyx in swat and sometimes going in by myself I get placed with people in Platinum …please…this is an Onyx level game and everyone else in the enemy team is Onyx…just a bit unfair :frowning:

I want some in game to check xp

I think biggest problem is that you only get lvl up if you win and that is too much dependent of random players. There should be less “minus points” if you will if you play good even if you loose and other way around

because people search with their friends who are different ranks

I was having difficulty when I first started playing andmy slayer rank was placed to silver 1 and now I know what I’m doing it’s ridiculously easy im getting huge scores every match…I wish it contributed to ranking quicker. Though in swat I’m onyx

Social playlists are a must. It will hurt the game in the long run if they don’t add them because if you don’t want to play against super competitive people who play as if their lives depend on it, then all you have is Warzone with the same 3 maps and lack of strategies. Eventually, the population will taper off.