Ranking idea. What do you think?

So I have a thought on how ranking could work better. 343 could put in 3 different rank types, one for time played, one for individual rank and one for team based rank.

  1. The time played rank would be for amount of time put into playlist.
  2. Individual would be for your personal contribution to the game. It would take k/d, assists, objective points and hit percentage. Win and loses would not play a big part in this if any at all.
  3. Team skill ranking, rewards you for wins and loses and promotes teamwork and playing with friends. Team combined assists, objective points and margin of win/loses vs the skill of the opposing team.

Also I would use a color system similar to martial art belt color. On your name plate you will see 3 stripe for your rank. So for example the first strip would be time played rank, 2nd would be your individual rank and third your team rank. You could have a 1-50 rank behind the curtain, but the color strips would be easy to display and understand.

How would you guys do a rank system?

Time played rank is meaningless, you don’t need it displayed. Only use it to unlock certain armor sets I’d say.

I think adding an individual skill rank is a cool idea. If they want to keep the iron-onyx division system for “team-skill” or weighted win-loss that’s fine. Then they could add the military ranks for individual performance. So you could have the General emblem overlayed on 3 gold bars if you’re Gold 3 - General or whatever

Time played is meaningless, but there are a lot of casual players who like that stat. Look a Reach your rank was only time played and people played that game til they got that top rank.

It just seems like it would be cluttered with 3 ranks, and I think skill ranks should take priority. Maybe they could have cool nameplates for time played ranks or something