Ranking forever broken?

I don’t understand why I’m a patinum 3 matching agaisnt 3 onyxs while the highest person on my team is a diamond. Like it wasn’t even fun to play the game, I would die, respSan last maybe 10 seconds then die again. Isn’t the whole point of the ranking system to match people your skill level, not people way above it. And then I get a ban if I quit because I’m not having fun cause the game didn’t match me agaisnt opponents my skill level. All I’m asking if for a PLATINUM player not to match an ONYX player, seems like it would be common sense.

I had the opposite today, Im plat and was playing against whole teams of silvers etc. it’s -Yoink- for the higher ranked player to coz you ranking doesn’t increase with the win prety much at all.
ive Been on your side of the coin to tho and it sucks a lot.

We need the 1-50 skill system back.
Onyx people like myself team up with a gold guy and then we find people in platinum and diamond.
There we just dominate, this wouldn’t be possible with the skill system from Halo 3.