Ranking against boosters ideal

different Ideals and other current or noticed methods of rank Cr system

Reach - equal on all ends

Halo 4 - booster only get their G:completion and maybe something else
and quite possibly they get a far greater gap less than the actual players

well why not set the game to deduct overall “END GAME” statistic rewards for betrayals
or assisted betrayals.

for example say a person were to play and accumulates the option to earn 9,000 at the end of a game

if by chance or purpose they were to betray someone shouldn’t their rate go down due to this be it failure at gameplay that has obstructed team players or intintional.

it would deduct a set amount, now im not saying it would have to be high but a fair range for an unsatisfaction among a clean gameplay after all if were awarded for good play why not have a reduction system that adds more depth to the notification of skilled players.

Lets say for example a multi kill gets you addional 200 Cr
then as only an OPTION lets say a assisted betrayal deducts 150 Cr
a Full betrayal deducts 300 Cr
while leaving deducts 1,500
booted deducts 2,500

with this players will lose a equaly fair amount that any actual player can recover fairly simple
while a legitamite betrayer gets his reduction added up
and seeming as how this player would continue until they have 0 Cr and the system would boot them to some point regardless
the system would later revoke the negative credits due on a future game while also dealing additional deduction based on leaving or being booted

to put it simply a multiple time offender that by rights should withhold the ultimate punishment will get it in time as they would continue to add on debt to there tabs continuously untill they stop and play/earn/pay off there debt to start racking points again.

set the optional unoriginal gametypes such as living dead, griff ball, KOTH, and other mass kill games that aint standard issue original slayer types implemented within the game set to stop boosters by limiting the amount to an overly excessive low that way it puts any REAL RANKING within gameplay towards the team and Btb slayers or other slayers that are balanced and a non booster ideal g-type.

while players can still rank in the option games its not quite as fast as a win among the actual games

In addition to the repercussions there debt can only be payed in War Games
though they can still get Cr through the Ops Missions

but to cover the game if a player is a betraying troll in any G-type then they can nolonger get Cr in the G-type until there TAB is payed

so if its in Ops then they cant get ops Cr until the work it off

Also take into account that if the game does work this way we know it sorts the game by player skill so not only do we get to have the boosting noobs and the Betrayers slown down

but the full time betrayers will be stuck with the lowest game players and a semi frequent betrayer gets some rate of set back helping to clean up some actual players gameplay that have earned a spot above the noob level

while to some degree cleaning the actual game from the difference between consecutive and accidental betrayals

whats your opinion?
or apply thanks to main subject if you wish to