Ranking advise

Can anyone give me advise on how to rank up faster for being in the 140s? I have been 145 for awile and just woundering if there is a way to rank up faster.

Just keep grinding and use your XP boosts whenever possible. I believe the XP needed to get from 150-151 is about equal with getting from 1-150. Something crazy like that.

So once you get up there, leveling becomes slow. Good luck, and Happy Haloing!

Play Warzone Assault.

Oh and right now you can go on Infection and use your XP boosts and it actually makes a difference each game you play.

Heroic Warzone Firefight is by far the best way to get exp especially if you use a legendary AI exp boost. Infection is pretty good for it too if you enjoy that more.

Infection is currently the best for XP farming.

Just keep smacking those XP boost you have.

Infection assualt and firefight are the best game modes with their corresponding boosts

Mythic FF is also a good game mode for XP and REQ too.