Ranked Warzone

Any thoughts?

I think this sums up my thoughts nicely.


From me,this idea got a No
Or "Nada"if you speak spainish,
a"non"for the frenches,
an “Njet” for the russians,
a “Oxi” for the greeks.
and a"Nein"for the germans

Ranked WZFF & Warzone Warlords could be interesting, but I don’t think that regular WZ would benefit from being ranked.

I bet you want ranked Super Fiesta too


Warzone is meant for silly fun and unbalanced gameplay. That doesn’t lend itself well to ranks.

I think a ranked Warzone Warlords playlist that comes and goes every couple weeks, and an unranked (with no MMR!) social Warzone playlist that has a 6 man fireteam limit is something that would satisfy the Warzone community.

This way, casual players will be satisfied since they can queue into a playlist where they won’t get rolled by a full fireteam of 12. Also, people who play Warzone “competitively” will have a ranked playlist where they can compete with other tryhard teams of 12.

It’s too late in Halo 5’s life to implement this idea because I doubt the population will support it but I can see it happening in Halo 6.

Team only. Would be ok to rank.

I agree with others here, absolutely not!! …but ranked Warlords Warzone wouldn’t be too bad I guess.

Warzone was designed as a casual playlist and should stay that way. Higher level players will nearly always win against lower level players due to the req system, and the maps are unbalanced to begin with. I’d say keep it as it is.

Here’s the thing: Warzone doesn’t have equal starts. Why rank a mode where your weapons and vehicles (and loadouts!) are unlocked from lootboxes? You might as well have ranked Super Fiesta

Warzone is ranked. Every playlist is ranked. We just can’t see many of the ranks. True social playlists don’t have ranks.


Doesn’t matter if it has a hidden rank. The MMR is still a lot looser than it would be in a visually ranked playlist.

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> Warzone is meant for silly fun and unbalanced gameplay. That doesn’t lend itself well to ranks.

YES brother I agree

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> Warzone is meant for silly fun and unbalanced gameplay. That doesn’t lend itself well to ranks.

AMEN, WARZONE = noob smashing

Not really, but I do think it would be a good idea for players to be matched by SR rank so that new players don’t have to face overwhelming firepower. Imagine getting farmed by a fleet of Banshees for your first few games and not being given the opportunity to “git gud.”

This sounds like a bad idea sure there is some skill involved but you need to have almost every weapon and vechical to compete it is basically pay to win/grind to win it will be too unbalanced and before you know it vehicles and weapons will start to get nerfed so it can fit the “meta” which will ruin some reqs if it does happen maybe I am getting ahead of my self but think about it this could happen

Warzone is a gamemode dependent on outside factors called Requisitions which can be unlocked through a micro transaction system. This means that every player aren’t at the same playing field at the beginning of each match which means that the likelihood of winning is based on an outside factor which would make ranking a bit unfair.

In conclusion, my answer is no because of the fact that every player isn’t on the same playing field.

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> Any thoughts?

And do you have any thoughts? I am going to guess that you would like them. Which is why you posed the question.

Anyway, this would hopefully never happen, and if it does it better happen after they put ranks back into BTB.