Ranked Uneven Teams what is hard for you devs to learn? learn! Learn

How do you reproduce the same issues that other games literally owned by your company had?
The Coalition literally helped you guys make this game and turn around and make the same silly mistakes they made.
Why are ranked matches even bothering to start uneven?
Are we losing rank for this?
Are we getting banned for this?
What gives?
how is this possible?
How did you not see the issue this created in Gears of War and turn around allow ranked matches to start uneven and then still penalize the players who made it in?
just failure

Yeah, ranked needs some smoothing out. It’s funny too, you would think they would not have made same store model as gears 5 launch either. That got flamed pretty hard too (rightfully so in my opinion) and TC ended up changing it after a couple of months

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exactly…same mistakes or agenda depending on how you look at it or topic.
It took so long to fix it in Gears, why make the same mistake again?
I also well remember the state of the Gears store.
Community in the same uproar.
This is either ignorance or an agenda…just drop the worst store when the game launches and milk everyone who can’t resist spending the money…
then “fix” it on the back end and attempt to get the smaller crumbs?

I believe some people are jumping on smurf accounts to help their buddies get to onyx.
So you’ll have one onyx and 2 unranked and the one player getting boosted.
Its a quick way to get to onyx and a fast way to get banned from MP also if they are caught.

Same here. First ranked match today, we started 3 vs 4, we lost the match and i lost a little bit of rank, because the system thinks that you could win 3 vs 4.
But hey, its the team performance that counts, then please give me a full team. Dont start a ranked match with uneven player.

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I made a pole in the general discussion that Bonnie Ross should be fired With her in charge she’s had nine years to get it right and she’s failed at every turn

absolutely, but then again I think this franchise and gears just needs to be retired.
Should have never made Halo 5 or Halo infinite or Gears 4 or Gears 5

Gears died with judgment and halo died with 3-4 basically.
Just upgrade and update the MCC and then make the marcus fenix collection for gears and that should have been that.
But this company couldn’t let their billion dollar franchises go.

We should have had at least 4 new games from these two major studios and the community I honestly believe would have been happier.
Now, we have dated games that can’t attract new players and can’t please old players if they change anything.
it’s over

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I know man. I’m 31 years old I’ve been playing halo since it has came out. Halo was one of the best things growing up. And I it’s hard to let go of something that you care so passionately about. Sad man it’s sad.