Ranked teams have too much freedom

I just played the same team full team, 3 times in a row. Two Onyx 1600’s, a gold and a silver who seems to be trying to lose. I am low diamond and the rest of my team was low platinum. I am not the best player but 343 seems to forget that in 4v4 one player can carry a team.

  1. Why am I allowed to play the same team 3 matches in a row? I even blocked them and waited 90seconds to queue the third time and ended up in a match with them again.
  2. Why are Onyx 1600s allowed to queue in a fireteam with a silver player?

I do not understand why there is not a CSR limit within a match, of say 300 points, an entire rank. By that I mean that the highest ranked player is 300 points (or less) higher than the lowest ranked player. an Onyx 1600 is going to dominate in a match against low diamond and platinum players, nevermind when there are two of them.


They mentioned previously they want people to be able to play with their friends of any ability, that being said I don’t think it’s good for ranked to allow it.

Realistically competitive is best when all 8 players are of very close skill. I think the playlist is worse when players of mixed ability are searching together. I think a 300 CSR point is wide and generous enough that it still allows lots of people to play with friends.

If the skill gap is that wide, stick to customs or social.


The onyx players are cheating the system to get easier matches so they can grind CSR. There reeeeeeaaaaally needs to be a cap on CSR gap for fireteams in ranked, or this stuff is just gonna keep happening.


You’ll pass Diamond 3 one day young man

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Tossing insults on waypoint. Quite a life. Carry on.

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He’s pulling you under his troll bridge, don’t fall for it lol


No worries I’m fine. Just trying to help keep his life on track.

Maybe you’ll breach Onyx 1,600 that day.

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20 char.

Too much of a coward to keep your posts unedited I see. Well at least your smart enough to know when to quit.

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Part of the problem is they have a hidde MMR behind your visual CSR which causes a lot of confusion.

The other problen is as you say the groups having no restrictions. 343 not restricting ranked groups to a specific range just shows again their poor management of the game in general. Social ranks are a thing for when you wanna play with friends that are not in your rank tier.

I think it’s a somewhat over-rated problem. They are pretty much the same except for some minor oscillations around runs of expected wins and losses.

But these “oscillations” do seem to cause a lot of angst. :slight_smile:

The only time they really don’t match up is immediately post-placement, where your CSR is much lower than your MMR.

Agree whole heartedly.

Ranked is not the place… particularly when teams are using team composition, smurfs, and strategic quits to manipulate the system.

Is there games that actually restrict who you can queue based on “skill”? Definitely wouldn’t be a fan. I enjoy being able to play games with competitive settings with family and friends that are at a lower skill level. I wouldn’t mind if they found a different way to balance though, if i recall halo 2 basically assumed you at a higher level than actual for your choice to player with higher level friends.

There needs to be a balance. Onyx 1600 Players shouldnt be able to Queue with Silver players in order to match against a team of platinum players. This is an exploit that the devs need to address. I’ve seen it several times.

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Overwatch did when I played. It was like a 1000 spread for the lower tiers and then 500 spread for masters and 300 for GM.

League of Legend I believe also has restrictions.

Those are the only ones that comes to mind currently. Personally I’m fine with it and I think every game with a competitive mode should do it and we are seeing with this game exactly why. Players are abusing it by having golds in their group so that onyx players can have easier games. Sorry, not sorry, that shouldn’t be a thing. If you’re onyx you should be limited to only grouping with other onyx and higher dimaond tier players.

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Only several times? Lucky you. I play at diamond 4, and I had at least 12 games in a row (I stopped counting) with those people in the games the other day. I’m sick of losing 9-15 CSR when I lose to a team of 2-3 onyxes, but one of them just happens to be using a gold account with ridiculously low MMR… I usually only lose like 3-6 when I lose in games against legit players.


I whole-heartedly agree here as well. There are 2 possible solutions to this problem, and I’d be fine with either:

  1. Impose a cap that limits who can party up as a fireteam in ranked. I think 300 CSR is a good place to cap it. The highest player and the lowest player in your fireteam can’t be more than 300 CSR apart.

  2. Make matches based on the highest-ranked fireteam member, instead of average CSR. They base matchmaking on average CSR at the moment, which is why a team of 2 Onyx players and 2 Gold players can match up against a team of all Platinum and Diamond players. This creates the obvious mismatches we’ve all seen. Instead of matching like this, just make the matches based on the highest player in the fireteam. If you have a 1600 Onyx, a 1550 Onyx, and 2 Golds, match them up against a full team of 1500-1600 Onyx players.

If there’s a cap on the gap for CSR there needs to be BR starts in social then. Literally have friends from bronze 2 all the way up to onyx 1850.

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Also people who are unranked screw the game for everyone in lower ranks.
Two teams with 2-3 unranked each, but one obviously has 2 players who’ll probably place in diamond or onyx while the other has 2 who can’t run, shoot, play with team and end at 2-15-0.