Ranked Teammates needed!

Type in your gamertag and I will add you!

Let’s get this onyx boys!!!

Zzziip. Been doing solo and keep getting teammates that quit right away

MrMi11ar add me fam :slight_smile:

eRiZe Gaming is looking for serious players to start the competitive scene. If you are interested feel free to shoot a message to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eRiZeGaming/. Also, if you have any experience coaching let us know…

Also my discord- RiioTz#8899

add me: yellow man32

I am a competitive player whos trying to get alot better need players who are actually decent and want to try to compete eventually I am in the NA central also on fiber GT vVv semi3028 or comicMercury123 not a kid hmu no we west coast or EU or AUS because of pings

Hey. Are there trials to join your team. Please find me as Neo908241. I am a serious and dedicated player, currently platinum 2 looking for teammates to improve on ranked. I live in Tijuana Mexico and I have a stable connection. Thank you.

XBL: Joezki

currently Gold 5 in solo/duo, climbing quick boiiiiiii