Ranked Team Doubles Request

Show this post some love if you’d like to see a Ranked Team Doubles playlist in the rotation!

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I want a Ranked Three2’s playlist. I feel like the maps would be fun with 6 players on them.


Pretty sure in a recent interview, Tashi said that Ranked Doubles and Ranked FFA are on the way. No time-table set of course, but he said they are in the works.


I honestly can’t wait. I have lost all my friends to other games and lone wolfing it in open or solo duo is infuriating.


i don’t understand why it takes so long for them to add more rank game types and fix other problems. The game play it fun but come on.


Ranked multi-team would be an interesting idea!

So its never going to happen.


I agree, I think a 3v3 playlist would be awesome as well!

Not 3v3, 2v2v2. I loved team doubles in past iterations, but after watching the pros play doubles. The maps don’t play super well for 2v2. So a third team of 2 would make it a little more fast paced.

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I honestly think multi-team might play pretty well, would be interesting to try for sure cause you’re right, double’s plays a little slow on Infinite