Ranked system is creating bad habits…

The whole system is disjointed

Score is based on stats that don’t matter. For example, stronghold caps do not promote good gameplay where as the time you hold a stronghold does. Not the amount of time you stand in the stronghold because, again, standing in the stronghold rather than working around it and defending is another bad habit.

How about these ideas? If you win you get a bonus score and put some incentive on just the win. If you capture a second stronghold while still holding the first one, you time score is 1.5x, 3 stronghold is 2x. Maybe add some incentive for team assistance as well.

Next issue is that score doesn’t matter for CSR. If they can’t be one and the same because of whatever matchmaking magic you all having going on, that’s fine. But at least coordinate them so that if I do what I need to get a good score then I can also expect to gain CSR based on the same stats.

Everyone likes to compare, it’s human nature. If the pros could get a score that I can’t, that will make me want to try harder and if I need to play well to get there, I’ll try to play well. I think that is the motivation to clean up bad play and grind the ranked system. Give us a number we can work with on a game-by-game basis. Not this magic CSR with its hidden variables and distribution graphs.

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