Title basically says it all…

Why am I able to que up as 1600+ Onyx with plat friends still?
Why are there D6+ Players who play worse than a Gold would, but are somehow in D6+?
I get there about 10-15 people that play Infinite right now, so I would ASSUME there is no rank/csr gap minimum difference to que… but still?? I shouldn’t have to ever worry about having another Onyx random on my team go 7-29 against an enemy team of Diamonds… (I say this because it just happened in a recent game).

Is there ANY talk of 343 doing a COMPLETE REHAUL/REDO of how the ranking system works?

Id rather wait in 5-10 minute ques in high Onyx like I would in Challenger Rank League of Legends if it means I get random teammates that play at that ranks skill level, and have a fun and fair, challenging match rather than we completely curb stomp the enemies or we get curb stomped because I just cant 1v5 in Halo, as the skill in this game is a thing, unlike in games like COD where you can very easily 100% rely on yourself and only yourself…

Probably going to be obvious once pointed out, but what is “que”? I did a search and all I came up with was ‘que = Spanish for ‘what’’; and the abbreviation for Quebec.

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Any match making system is a the mercy of what players are available.

I’m in Australia and pretty much only try Ranked in the early to mid evening. At least if I want decent ping and well matched teams.

Ranked squads are still an issue. 343 did narrow down on them recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just an opening gambit and they slowly narrow the squad range even further for S3.