Ranked Survivors and Rotational Ranked Playlist Thoughts

The Ranked Survivors playlist as a whole is a great example of the sort of things that should be in the rotational playlist. Specifically with Ranked Elimination I like it overall. I do think 7 rounds to win is excessive, should be 5 at the most. I really like that you spawn with 1 grenade instead of 2 (I think the rest of the ranked playlists should be the same). Ranked Attrition plays great too.

The Rotational playlist is a great concept for keeping things fresh and being able to support ranked playlists that may not have been sustainable long term. Some other modes I would like to see in the rotational playlist include 4v4 Team Snipers (S7s Only), 4v4 Tactical Slayer, 2v2 Dodgeball, 6 or 8 Player FFA Snipers (S7s Only), 6 or 8 Player FFA Escalation Slayer.

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