Ranked stability is unrealistic apparently

Been playing since release, started off with kbm in crossplay and solo queue. I got a controller like 2 weeks ago, started off with just any and all social playlists because been some time since I’ve used a controller. But figured out the wild controller setting, not that kbm setting are just as tedious. Recently noticed the serious imbalance that ranked, especially solo queue controller has gotten. The night and day effect is vastly seen among everyone, but just now was the worst match I think I’ve had so far lmao.

Currently P4/5 with 3 unranked players against 2 D4/5 and 2 P4/5 on Live Fire playing Strongholds…the amount of frustration that came from the one player had me dying but the out 2 one went 20/19/6 +17/2 the other one went 1/22/4 +14/0…these 2 were duo queue while the comedian and I were solo…I know there’s a ton of people with the same complaint, but come on. I would have been perfectly OK without all the updated to the store and cosmetics…it’s still new and yes in beta format sure, but I feel the major issues like the inbalancing and desync should have been priority 1 after the holidays then anything else. I could have even accepted the game to be shut down for refinement.

But now it’s way too late for that, with HCS in full swing it’s now working against a clock that already sound its’ bell…a 20 year long time fan of the halo franchise and competitive player just asking for resolution.

Don’t get me wrong when everything runs as it should, it’s great but that’s been few and far between unfortunately :confused:

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